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Garage Door Springs

Door Springs | Garage Door Repair Houston, TX

Some things you can't live without. Your garage door springs are a fine example of that. No overhead door system can function without these components being in optimal shape. Since they are under a tremendous amount of stress day in and day out, they will eventually break and need to be replaced. That's where Garage Door Repair Houston comes in. If you're in any of the nearby areas, let us know if you need spring repair services of any kind.

Garage Door Spring Types - Torsion

There are two kinds of springs used for overhead door systems. The torsion garage door spring is installed across a horizontal shaft stationed right above the door. It uses a twisting motion to load up with tension which it then releases via an unwinding motion to help raise the garage door. Torsion springs are considered safer due to the fact that they’re more flexible and durable. A lot of times only a single unit is used, unless it’s a heavier garage door.

A Pair of Extension springs

These garage door springs work by stretching and then contracting to create the tension-based force used to move the door. They’re installed along the horizontal garage door tracks and are attached to safety cables that help keep them from whipping around when they break. They’re thinner than their torsion counterparts and don’t last as long. A pair of extension springs is always used, one on each side of the door.

Broken Spring Replacement

When you need to have one of your garage door springs removed and a new one installed in its place, you’ll want a professional technician’s help. The dangers of tempering or mishandling garage door springs make any DIY effort simply not worth it. The last thing you'll want is to get injured by a rouge whipping spring or cable. These parts are under a lot of stress. If a garage door spring broke, you’ll probably find the system has a hard time opening. While it’s sometimes possible to open a garage door with a broken spring, it’s ill-advised to try. Why put yourself at risk? Remember to leave broken spring repairs to the experts at Garage Door Repair Houston to avoid such dangers.

Garage Door Spring Adjustment is Important

As part of a regular maintenance routine, the technicians will lubricate your garage door springs to ensure their smooth and efficient performance. That’s not all, of course. They'll also make sure that the spring tension is properly distributed. This will make sure your door doesn't become unbalanced, and that one spring isn't straining too much and is suffering from additional wear and tear damages. Once again, while lubrication maintenance is something you can do yourself, spring adjustment can be dangerous, so leave it to the pros.

Spring Quality Plays a Vital Role

Since these components are so integral to the optimal performance of your automatic garage door system, investing in galvanized springs can be really worth it. These types of garage door parts will be far more durable and resistant to rust, which means they'll last for much longer, and you won't have to spend as much money on unexpected repairs. Zinc-coated garage door springs are rust resistant and will last longer. However, if the zinc coating is damaged, they’ll be susceptible to rust just like any other piece of metal.

Local Garage Door Spring Repairs

Whenever you find yourself dealing with spring-related problems, don't try to do anything by yourself. The experts at Garage Door Repair Houston are here to provide you with expert solutions. Avoid the dangers and get your garage door springs replaced by nearby pros with the experience and skills to complete this job safely and quickly.

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