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Tips About Garage Doors and Repairs

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Tips About Garage Doors and Repairs

Essential Garage Door Tips to Use at Home

From selecting a new garage door and opener to keeping them in good condition, you have to make many decisions about your garage door. Here we provide easy and applicable key tips to help you out.

Lubricate your garage door opener hardware regularly

If you have a chain or a screw drive opener, the chain or rod sitting inside its rail will need to be lubricated occasionally. No matter what type of unit you have, you need to lubricate all the sections where the trolley touches the rail while it's moving. After you’re done with applying the product, run the opener several times to ensure perfect spreading.

Make sure your door closes all the way

Most garage doors these days have excellent security features. However, burglars can have an easy time getting into your garage if you give them even an inch to exploit. Don’t leave your garage door unattended when it’s open. If there's a small gap left between your door and the floor, make sure you get the spring's tension adjusted to fix it

Make sure your children are aware of the dangers

Garage doors have multiple folding surfaces, which can be a point of curiosity for children. You may seem like a buzzkill for wanting to stay safe, but that's part of the burden of being a parent. Make sure your children fully understand the dangers of playing with your garage door. You can even lock your garage at night to prevent them from sneaking inside it.

Maintaining your garage door opener

To properly maintain a garage door opener, the following should be performed: a reversal test, force setting test, and the evaluation of additional safety devices. The reversal and force setting tests are meant to ascertain the condition of the compulsory safety features your opener has. The evaluation of additional safety features entails the examination of the door opener’s photo-electric sensors, as well as the condition of any pinch guards you had installed.

Install additional safety features

There are plenty of options for you to choose from. For starters, to avoid hand and finger injuries, you can install a safeguard pinch system. If you are worried about thieves picking your lock at night, you can also install a keyless entry system, or get a garage door opener that offers additional security features. Consult our experts to learn what other options you have available.

Test the safety reversal mechanism regularly

Your door's reversal mechanism must be functioning correctly, otherwise, your safety could become compromised. You can easily test it by placing an object, say a cardboard box, under the door while it is fully open, and then close it using the opener. Your door should start to reverse after touching the box. If it continues closing and crushes the box, then something is wrong. Our experts can take care of it.

Don't overestimate the durability of your door's components

Many garage door parts can last for a very long time, but you shouldn't overestimate their longevity, or take it for granted. Proper lubrication and timely repairs are still necessary and in order to ensure the overall good operation of each component. Your springs and cables, as well as the rollers, hinges, and tracks, need even extra attention.

Consider getting a sectional garage door

If you have a choice between getting a single panel door and a sectional one, you may want to lean towards the sectional option. Their main benefit is that should the panels become damaged for some reason, only the affected sections will have to be replaced, as opposed to the entire door. Many types of garage doors have a sectional option, so you should consult with our experts before buying a single panel option.


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