Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our professional company has a dedicated team of experts who perfectly install and fix garage door openers.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

A garage door spring is what provides balance between the weight of the door and the power of the opener.

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Garage Door Cable Tracks

Garage Door Cable Tracks

Our company is an excellent garage door repair service provider that engages on all sorts of everyday issues.

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Emergency garage door service

Now is the time to review the garage door tips. We provide you with the information you need. We help you choose the right door type for your convenience and give you some excellent ideas on your safety.

  • Test the spring tension two times a year

    Disconnect the opener from the garage door in the first place. Then lift the unit up until it’s halfway to open position. Use help if your door is too heavy. Once you’ve reached the required level, let go of the unit and observe its behavior. If it literally springs up or drops down, the tension is too high or too low respectively and it must be adjusted accordingly.

  • Lubricate your garage door opener hardware regularly

    If you have a chain or screw drive unit, the chain or rod sitting inside the rail will need proper lubrication. Apply small amounts of the product several inches apart. No matter what type of unit you have, you need to lubricate all sections where the trolley touches the rail while moving. After you’re done with applying the product, run the opener several times to ensure perfect spreading.

  • Close the door

    Most garage doors these days have excellent security features. However, burglars can have an easy time getting into the garage to take what they please. Don’t leave your garage door unattended when it’s open. Even the best security systems won’t work if you don’t use them.

  • Roller wear down in your Garage Door

    The rollers in your garage’s track are constantly spinning and transferring weight. It’s no wonder they eventually crack or chip apart. Keep your roller bearing lubricated and inspect for surface wear to keep your door from falling off its track roller by roller.

  • Kid proof everything in your garage

    Garage doors have multiple folding surfaces, which can be a point of curiosity for children. You may seem like a buzz kill for wanting to stay safe. But, you can keep your family safe by locking the garage. This can prevent your kids from playing on or experimenting with the garage.

  • Properly maintain garage door springs

    The different springs in a garage door are generally rated for only 10,000 cycles. Hence, the more they are used, the faster they wear out. Their useful life is reduced if they are exposed to moisture or humidity and if they are continually overburdened by an unbalanced garage door. A garage door with a balance defect should be immediately fixed.

  • Maintaining your garage door opener

    To properly maintain a garage door opener, the following should be included: a reversal test, force setting test, and evaluation of additional safety devices. The reversal and force setting tests are meant to ascertain the condition of the compulsory safety features. The evaluation of additional safety features entails the examination of the door opener’s photoelectric eyes and edge sensors.

  • Install additional safety features

    There are plenty of them to choose from. For starters, to avoid hand and finger injuries, you can install a safeguard pinch system. If you are worried about thieves picking your lock at night, you can also install a keyless entry system. You can hire one of our professionals to install one for you.

  • Test the safety reversal mechanism regularly

    This is a major safety precaution according to the technicians from our garage door repair company. The test involves placing a paper towel roll under the door when it is fully open and pushing the button for closing. When the door touches the roll, it has to reverse instantly.

  • Invest in the Future

    A nice automatic garage door, market analysts and the experts agree, is one amenity that causes house values to climb. Investing in a garage door with these systems is investing in a future for your family.

  • Don't overestimate the capacity of components

    Garage door parts are definitely durable and last long but don't overestimate their capacities. They still need to be checked, lubricated and repaired often if you want to ensure their longevity and the overall good operation of the mechanism. You cannot expect them to make wonders without good, persistent treatment and garage door maintenance.

  • Go with sectional garage doors

    If you were to choose among one panel or sectional doors, definitely choose the latter. They are surely more convenient and eventually they will come cheaper according to our experts. In case of serious panel problems, you will only have to replace the damaged section since panels are independent leafs hinged to each other.

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